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Annarita's work explores the relationship between time, movement, nostalgia and our senses. Her collections of art are created using a narrative concept to trigger thoughts, memories and interact with you as a viewer.

Inspiration stemming from art, music, science and spirituality have always played a vital role in her initial design process. However, the use of colour is always at the heart of every piece she makes; using colour as a symbol to visually describe and evoke emotion, feelings and unity within her audiences' mind. 


Central St Martins

It was here at CSM on the BA Textile Design Course Annarita researched, discovered, explored and reinterpreted the use of fabric, colour and design within the main textile design practices – print, knit, weave, digital design, trend prediction and presentation.

Camberwell College of Art & Design

London College of Fashion

Whilst studying for her Foundation Degree, Annarita discovered her love of pushing the boundaries of thought. Her interest in healing therapies and finding alternative ways to heal the body from everyday ailments, helped create her final piece 'the Healing Herb dress'. Every detail implemented had a reason for being present, even down to the handmade natural print dye she created out of coffee beans. 

AT LCF Annarita realised her passion for design and styling. Her authentic but simple hand sewing techniques allowed her to create classic couture womenswear pieces used for everyday wear. It was here that a teacher took notice of her design skills and encouraged her to further her knowledge and explore her interests in creative arts.

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